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The struggle is real for work/life balance in the digital world. Each week, join Lisa Buyer, entrepreneur and author of Social PR Secrets and Digital Detox Secrets, as she interviews guests who are managing their own entrepreneurial digital detox and how create space for health, happiness and success. If you are an entrepreneur, a struggling parent, intrepreneur, a student, a teacher a marketers or just want to hear some secrets to creating some mindfulness and awareness, this podcast is for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Joe Fier on Mental Health for Entrepreneurs: Understanding Patterns and Digital Detox

    How do your everyday patterns reflect your mental health? According to Joe Fier, understanding these patterns can help get you out of a funk and into a flow.  In this episode of Digital Detox Secrets, Lisa Buyer talks to seasoned marketer, entrepreneur and podcaster Joe Fier. Joe ...


  2. Rhonda Britten on Fearless Living and Public Relations

    Do you ignore your fears? Rhonda Britten explains how fear is actually a vehicle for change. Lisa Buyer sat down with best selling author, life coach, and speaker, Rhonda Britten. During hard times, the world’s filled with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Rhonda shares her expert advice on how to turn pain ...


  3. MindFix’s Erin Pheil on Self Sabotage, Social Media and Detox

    Welcome back to Digital Detox Secrets S2  Ep 4: In this episode, I catch up with Erin Pheil to break down her system on how she helps highly successful entrepreneurs get out of their own way. It’s called Mindfix.  Of course, we ...


  4. How Tim Power Traded His Smartphone for a Flip Phone, Unplugged from Notifications

    Do you remember a time in business when smartphones did not exist? How did we survive? The day uber financial planner and entrepreneur Power lost his iPhone little did he know it would be a major turning point. We caught up with him to learn all about the back story.  Imagine, ...


  5. Destress During Burning Man with Charlene Li

    What happens when a best-selling author; and one of the most creative people in business brings her 20-year-old son to Burning Man? This week I'm talking with Charlene Li about her Burning Man experience. Burning Man is a network of people inspired by the values reflected in the Ten ...