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October 14, 2021 00:23:52
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Pascale Dube Tells Parents of Teens: Trust is Most Important Currency

Little did Pascale Dube know that a destructive experience from childhood would lead her to become a masterful resource in parent-teen communication. Unwavering parents. Her sister’s brain tumor diagnosis. A narcissistic boss. This triple threat of hardships, and a culmination of learned lessons, compelled Communications Specialist Pascale Dube to shift her career path. Instead of hosting corporate training programs and executive “therapy,” she now coaches communication skills to parents with teenagers.  Parent Lead Coaching helps parents invest in the depth of communication. By targeting one of the hardest jobs in the world and an untapped niche market, Pascale coaches parents to become the leaders their teenagers desperately need. Parenting is a never-ending job. It’s full of opportunity and learning experiences, regardless of whether your kids are transitioning into teenhood or married with babies.   In this episode of Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets podcast, parents will learn Pascale Dube’s 5 Pillars of Good Communication, the most important currency between you and your teen, and the best ways to protect them from social media’s toxic traits.  Parent Coach: Thriving in the Face of Conflict is Pascale Dube’s Speciality At just ten years old, Pascale landed her very first client as a Communications Specialist: her family of five. She initially acted as a buffer for her parents, who always struggled to find common ground. Her services later excelled when her older sister, who was only 16 at the time, was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Unlike her 14-year-old sister, who suffered amid chaos, Pascale thrived when faced with conflict. And once she realized her passion for smoothing things over, she officially assumed the role of a family mediator. After spending more than two decades dissecting and improving how business people ...



September 16, 2021 00:26:45
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Finding Clarity in Trauma with Gi Gi O’Brien

Best-selling author and happiness expert Gi Gi O’Brien shares how holding a knife to her throat may have left a memory but not a scar. When hearing the words ‘genetic inheritance,’ you probably think about eye color, blood type, and health conditions. But did you know that trauma and memories can also be genetically passed down through DNA?  Living with unhealthy mental states like post-traumatic stress and anxieties can debilitate more lives than just your own. If left unaddressed, your response and the agonies you have experienced can cut deep into the mental wellness of your future lineage.  Meditation and gratitude are more than just buzzwords. They can work the as incredible body and brain detoxifications. But until experiencing the desperation, isolation, and fear that comes with trauma, it may be hard to recognize or understand its wonderful workings… until now! In the latest episode of Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets, author, social entrepreneur, and founder of the Global Intelligence Initiative (gii) Gi Gi O’Brien shares her mindful mission: to positively impact and guide one million people to reach a happier, healthier, and high-performing life. She also describes how to enhance your entrepreneurial personality, the launch of her new book, The Intelligence of Happiness: How to Thrive Using Authenticity, Self-Alignment, and Simple Neuropsychology, and the connection between science and spirituality. Gi Gi O’Brien: Supported by Meditation and the Occasional Single-Malt Piloting you away from the danger zone and into a thriving, not surviving mindset, Gi Gi’s book uses a trifecta model of basic neuropsychology, neurobiology, and cosmology to ...



August 18, 2021 00:31:42
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Lisa Buyer on Entrepreneur Burnout, Quitting is the New Self Care and Connecting with Joy

If quitting is the new self-care, then Lisa Buyer’s entrepreneur burnout is the perfect example.  Creating space for positivity and deleting the negative energy is not an easy task. Living in the new normal, yoyo pandemic digital world of 24/7. Yoga. Therapy. Wine. Nothing seemed to help Lisa Buyer regain power over her business and personal life. She knew that hitting the reset button was long overdue. But how and where to even begin? Well, here’s Digital Detox Secret #1: Admit that you are part of the problem and be open to change.  In this special solo episode of the Digital Detox Secrets podcast, Lisa Buyer opens up about her struggles with entrepreneurial burnout, where she sought relief, and how she shifted The Buyer Group Public Relations Agency into a non-client-based business model. Complete with PR courses, collaborations, coaching, and media, Lisa is on a mission to improve digital morale by educating and inspiring all brands. #TheDumbestDecisionEver: Reinventing Your Business Based on Feelings and not Facts July marks the first time in two decades that Lisa has no clients. After owning an agency for 20 years, it’s a giant leap of faith. While this new shift from consultancy to scaling an agency allowed her to cut ties with the negative and create space for the positive, the idea was initially pursued all the wrong reasons. Lisa Buyer's 3 Digital Detox Secrets Digital Detox Secret #1 Free yourself from making decisions for the benefit of others. In Lisa’s case, she wanted to create a legacy business for her children to take over one day eventually. This selfless mindset, ...



August 11, 2021 00:41:21
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Art Therapy and Meditation: Whitney Freya's Digital Detox Practices

With just one brushstroke, you can paint away the digital toxicities that are clouding your world. Whitney Freya shares how to free your mind from limitations, release negative energy and embrace an artist mentality with Creatively Fit. In this new episode of the Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sits down with bestselling author,  modern-day mystic and Inspired Living expert Whitney Freya, where she shares how to use art as a therapeutic detox tool to awaken creativity and disrupt the digital. The Creative Awakening “Energy is the new resume.” --Whitney Freya In 2010, a Nigerian woman named Vivian wrote an email to Whitney, describing the plight of women in Nigeria, their desire to be liberated and free and if Whitney had the tools to help them. At first, the answer was an absolute no. She doubted whether she was fit to coach these women. She wondered, “how can I certify someone when I am not even certified?” But something inside of Whitney urged her to wait 24 hours to respond. The next day, two people brought up Nigeria in conversation, sparking Whitney’s creative awakening. Two months later, Project Nigeria launched with 13 U.S. women and Vivian onboard. The Art of Living An Inspired Life Whitney and Lisa agree that one of the fantastic things about life is that we are not married to yesterday. Each day is a blank canvas and it’s up to us to guide the paintbrush. But how do we get to such a point of surety? Whitney Freya hosts various workshops and online courses that help you tap into your divine feminine energy. From a 21-day painting ...



August 04, 2021 00:45:48
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Heath Armstrong Gets Radical on Navigating Imposter Syndrome, Depressions and Digital Detox

If the future of productivity means investing in creativity, how do you create space and make time to access such a visionary superpower? Heath Armstrong shares intuitive self-affirmation exercises, healthy swaps for your brain and body and mindful ways to act without reacting to restore the inner artist within.  In this new episode of Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, Heath Armstrong, founder of Rage Create, gets candid on how hitting rock bottom led him to declutter the digital and reclaim his spot in the physical world. Cleanse the Gremlins After waking up face down in his garage with a bloody nose and to the nearby smell of his car engine running, Heath adopted a more natural lifestyle that soon evolved into an entrepreneurial breakthrough.  While navigating through depression and imposter syndrome, Heath sought purpose and clarity from hundreds of inspiring strangers. Their worldly wisdom and shared ideas became Heath’s recipe for creative motivation. His Sweet-Ass Journals, Affirmation Decks, and Never Stop Peaking podcast help to remind us that we are power-packed with magic. Heath says that the best way to deal with life’s many gremlins is by learning how to react to them. Some helpful methods include taking action with affirmations, writing/drawing in journals, and befriending nature. Lay the Groundwork for Digital Detox  “Going outside is a digital detox secret.” --Heath Armstrong Nature is at the core of who we are, which is why Heath encourages us to connect with Earth’s elements. Switch out your tap water for the ultimate mineral cocktail, complete with lemon and Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol, or try to use them in moderation. Place earthing mats under your ...



July 30, 2021 00:40:27
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Megan Nolan on Yoga at My Desk

In front of the screen all day? Using the power of Facebook Groups, inspiring messages to her community and motivational offerings, Megan Nolan urges all to add this powerful action to the top of their mile-long checklist: MOVE! Applying warrior poses, breathing exercises and stretches into your daily work routine will not only improve your health but also elevate your business. In Lisa Buyer’s newest episode of the Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, vitality coach and founder of Yoga at My Desk, Megan Nolan, shares how taking a yoga break in-between meetings will help you regain power over your body and career. The Digital Detox Secret Ingredient to Helping You Thrive The human body is not designed to be slouched over a keyboard for 40 hours a week. Think about your sit-to-stand ratio during a typical 9-to-5 workday. If you find yourself wincing just at the thought, then it’s time to prioritize wellness in the workplace. With Yoga at My Desk, you will learn to calm that busy mind of yours, improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Implementing these workouts at 25- to 45- minutes intervals will lower your stress levels, minimize any body pain and spark creativity. A Glimpse into Megan’s “Yoga at My Desk” Course Lisa Buyer says that you are the entrepreneur of your own life. It is up to you whether to wake the warrior within and become the next-level version of yourself or not. With Megan’s meditative yoga practices, she makes it easy to take control and start moving. Launching this Fall is her 90-day Elevate experience; signup access is available now. But if you’re looking to start today, you can enjoy ...