21 Things Love It or Leave it

Episode 120 February 16, 2021 00:14:01
21 Things Love It or Leave it
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
21 Things Love It or Leave it

Show Notes

February is my love it or “leave it” month. I’m feeling the ❤️ for taking ownership of things like email marketing, podcasting for PR, cannabis, and self-care. What can I do without ⚠️? Facebook ad drama, bad headlines, and LinkedIn lies.

21 things I'm doing for February that you can too.

1. Get them to open your emails with Subjectline.com

2. Own it. Use this email marketing strategy for an 87% open rate! George Bryant's email secrets in this episode are the best advice you will ever hear. Period.

3. LinkedIn Lies. Exaggerating on your LinkedIn profile is called lying.

4. Eyes wide shut. Give your eyes a massage and IHELOL.

5. Headline Hell. Titlecase? ALL CAPS? Stop the headline formatting hell with this lifesaver CapitalizeMyTitle.

6. Just another tool? Notion helps you get organized, focus, and even keep a daily journal or home page - listen to Katie Wells interview as she unpacks notion.

7. FB and Google busted. Rand Fishkin’s interview on Hustle and Flow Chart is a must! “What does the future of SEO look like in 2021 and beyond? Digital PR” Rand Fishkin

8. Overused word and underused act. Selfcare. It’s the new healthcare.

9. Smokin’. Follow the intersection of cannabis, culture, and wellness with Emily Earlenbaugh in her Forbes column.

10. Latte love. My fave CBD, coffee, and flow recipes.

11. Raise your vibration for Black History month - Meet Lalah Delia, a spiritual writer, wellness educator, certified spiritual practitioner, founder of VibrateHigherDaily.com, and bestselling author Vibrate Higher Daily: Live Your Power.

12. Listen up. Podfest - Mark your calendar for March 1-5, 2021.

13. Partner with me. I’m leveraging the power of collaboration, meet me at JVOLOGY.

14. Extra special tip: Send your Valentine’s or birthday gifts one week early.

15. TOF alert: How to Properly Use PR and SEO.

16. My inbox VIP is Christopher Penn. Check out his video/audio equipment list.

17. Honey, what's for dinner? Worst question ever. I'm saving time using Freshly for fit and healthy dinners this month.

18. Social bonding and love at work. It’s a thing! The science of love and trust. Flow Research Collective Radio with Steven Kotler.

19. “Lists” and “How To” headlines get the most page views. Read the anatomy of top-performing articles.

20. Best looking background. Love it.

21. Three C’s in life. You must make the choice, to take a chance, if you want anything in your life to change.

Want to add to my future 21 things? Enter it here!

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