All I want for Xmas is an NFT + 21 Things

Episode 163 December 15, 2021 00:17:21
All I want for Xmas is an NFT + 21 Things
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
All I want for Xmas is an NFT + 21 Things

Show Notes

Hop on the PR 3.0 bandwagon!

In this solo episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa dives into her 21 favorite things of December from Web 3.0, NFTs, Crypto Coins, Designs by Lisa, to Female Disruptor Summit News, and more.

Lisa’s Favorite Female Focused NFT’s:

World of Women. A collection of unique, cool, and diverse women, ready to leave a mark in the NFT space!

Desperate Ape Wives. The Desperate Housewives”, DAW is a collection of 10,000 Desperate ApeWives NFTs. With signature red lips, each Ape Wife is not only a fantastic fine art but also an exclusive DAW membership card. 

Boss Beauties. Mission to educate and empower the next generation of Women and Girls. 

Let Her Speak NFT Series of 40, with at least half being given to women who are passionately speaking up on Clubhouse. This one is for you!

Female Disruptors News

Wanna hear from Cathy Hackl on The Female Metaverse? Find out what you need to know and what to wear here.

Don’t forget to grab your Female Disruptors Virtual Summit VIP ticket here! 

Once you get this ticket you'll receive forever access to the replays of the event, access to networking sessions, community opportunities, exclusive encore events, and early access to the Female Disruptors NFT collection! You'll also be entered into a grand prize giveaway. Early Bird Special - November VIP tickets include a free download of the book, Digital Detox Secrets by Lisa Buyer.

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