Cha-Ching! Clubhouse, Discord, and Creator Coins with Gary Henderson A WHOLE NEW WORLD to Grow Your Brand

Episode 162 December 07, 2021 00:55:32
 Cha-Ching! Clubhouse, Discord, and Creator Coins with Gary Henderson A WHOLE NEW WORLD to Grow Your Brand
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Cha-Ching! Clubhouse, Discord, and Creator Coins with Gary Henderson A WHOLE NEW WORLD to Grow Your Brand

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PR 3.0? Clubhouse and Creator Coins? Today Gary Henderson and Lisa Buyer are discussing Coin Base Ventures, Gary Club, Gary Coins, the Future of Public Relations, NFTS, Blockchains, Discord, and More!  

In this episode, Gary Henderson talks about

Gary Henderson on Discord and Gamifying Business

So Discord is nothing but a Facebook Group that has a couple of extra bells and whistles, but it's kind of the same. It's a social network.

It streamlines a community build, and it gives you some velvet ropes that you can hold things behind. So like in my community, for example, I have coffee every single morning, but you have to have one of my Gary coins, a cryptocurrency in order to get it. So you, you can get in the community, you can hang out there, but you can't get coffee without having a Garry coin.”

The Key to Creator Coins like $Gary Coins

Tips from Gary’s “The Clubhouse Community” 

As mentioned in this interview

Gary’s Discord Community

Gary’s Book The Clubhouse Community

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