Collin Austin Shares Secrets to Snapchat Success

Episode 24 January 17, 2020 00:22:15
Collin Austin Shares Secrets to Snapchat Success
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Collin Austin Shares Secrets to Snapchat Success

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How does a business use a social platform like Snapchat to reach an audience? Collin Austin says success lies in connection. 

When Social PR Secrets Podcast host Lisa Buyer spoke with New Scooters For Less owner Collin Austin, he discussed how using Snapchat allows him to connect with customers and build a stronger relationship. It’s easy to think social media is simply posting the latest discount or sale for your business, but Austin advises business owners to post a mix of personal and business content to create a rapport. The Gainesville dad said the idea for the business began back in 2004 as a college student fed up with missing the bus for class. 

While Austin had a lot of success on the platform, he also mixes his social media outreach with Twitter to communicate and connect with customers. He advises other businesses to not get caught up in measurements of success but to remain consistent on a mix of posting.

 “The most important thing for me as a business owner is to continue to build those relationships with the customers.” - Collin Austin

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