Heath Armstrong’s Radical Digital Detox Tips to Ignite Creativity

Episode 139 June 30, 2021 00:45:40
Heath Armstrong’s Radical Digital Detox Tips to Ignite Creativity
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Heath Armstrong’s Radical Digital Detox Tips to Ignite Creativity

Show Notes

If creativity is the new productivity, how do you find space to tap into your brain’s superpowers? Just ask Heath Armstrong how he learned the powers of a digital detox to help himself and others tap into our inner artist.

After waking up face down in his garage with a bloody nose and to the nearby smell of his car engine running, Heath adopted a more natural lifestyle that soon evolved into an entrepreneurial breakthrough. 

In this new episode of the Social PR Podcast, Heath Armstrong, founder of Rage Create, exchanges visionary digital detox tips with host Lisa Buyer.

Cleanse the Gremlins

While navigating through depression and imposter syndrome, Heath sought purpose and clarity from hundreds of inspiring strangers. Their worldly wisdom and shared ideas became Heath’s recipe for creative motivation. His Sweet-Ass Journals, Affirmation Decks, and Never Stop Peaking podcast help to remind us that we are power-packed with magic.

Heath says that the best way to deal with life’s many gremlins is by learning how to react to them. Some helpful methods include taking action with affirmations, writing/drawing in journals, and befriending nature.

Lay the Groundwork for Digital Detox 

“Going outside is a digital detox secret.” --Heath Armstrong

Nature is at the core of who we are, which is why Heath encourages us to connect with Earth’s elements.

  1. Switch out your tap water for the ultimate mineral cocktail, complete with lemon and Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt. 
  2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, or try to use them in moderation.
  3. Place earthing mats under your bed to enhance sleep.
  4. Read Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson
  5. Live with Earth’s cycles by keeping potted plants in the house, standing in the grass barefoot, lighting a candle and drinking 16 oz. of lukewarm water.
  6. Go outside to reduce inflammation and stress levels.

No Such Thing as a Perfect Life

Living a seemingly perfect life does not mean that you will not experience depression, anxiety, or sadness. And the same goes for living a seemingly hard life. The path to destruction or happiness is not linear. All we can do is learn from ourselves and others while trying to trudge past the layers of muck accumulated throughout the many lives that we live. 

Heath’s good and bad days probably look different than yours, and his detox tips may not resonate with you. But if you lead with an open heart, you’ll end up discovering your own recipe for creative motivation, just as Heath did.

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