Jamie Duklas From Journalist to CMO

Episode 70 July 03, 2020 00:40:25
Jamie Duklas From Journalist to CMO
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Jamie Duklas From Journalist to CMO

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Thinking of changing your career path and embracing the digital world? Listen to advice from a former sports journalist turned digital marketing guru.

In this episode, Jamie Duklas talks about how digital marketing helped him get where he is today and shares his expert advice. Lisa Buyer sat down with the vice president and head of marketing of Angelic Bakehouse, Jamie Duklas. Jamie has worked with many big brand businesses and transitioned from sports journalism into the Public Relations world. Tune in to hear Jamie share his public relations tips and tricks as well as the importance of giving back. 

Giving back during these times is so essential, and Jamie recognized this social good signal. This is why Angelic Bakehouse has a program called Loaf You, a program allowing consumers to donate a loaf of bread. The company matches each donation and donates directly to Feeding America. 

Jamie and Lisa talk about how Jamie transitioned into digital marketing, the importance of having a powerful brand voice, video making advice, and much more! Jamie explains how valuable it was for his career to embrace digital marketing in the early 2000s. 

Having a powerful brand voice is important for any business. Jamie explains how he successfully runs Angelic Bakehouse’s brand and how gifs and visuals such as videos are necessary. If you aren’t comfortable with video yet, Jamie advises us to jump in and not expect perfection. Being heavily focused on Instagram, Jamie shares his secrets to having a strong brand voice. In this episode, learn the do’s and don’t of video marketing, SEO secrets, and much more from marketing rockstar and brand builder, Jamie Duklas.

“The biggest thing that got me to where I am was embracing digital” - Jamie Duklas

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