Joe Youngblood on SEO and Public Relations

Episode 55 May 08, 2020 00:52:50
Joe Youngblood on SEO and Public Relations
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Joe Youngblood on SEO and Public Relations

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What exactly is link building and how can it help you? Joe Youngblood, search engine optimization expert, shares all his tips and tricks to link building, and much more.

  Lisa Buyer sat down with the founder of his own SEO (search engine optimization) and digital marketing consulting company, Joe Youngblood. At the young age of 14, Joe built his first website. Starting at such a young age, he knows the ins and outs of SEO and the marketing world. 

Joe shares his secrets about link building and small businesses, local SEO, and much more. What is going behind the scenes in the SEO world? You may want to take notes because, in this segment, Joe and Lisa discuss all things SEO and public relations with so many must-know tips you can use. Check out the links below to learn more from Joe! 

“You can build a website, and put it out there, and it can be better than anything else and no one would link to it” - Joe Youngblood

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