Mel Carson Social Media Strategy Secrets

Episode 45 April 03, 2020 00:30:59
Mel Carson Social Media Strategy Secrets
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Mel Carson Social Media Strategy Secrets

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What is an advertising evangelist? Take it from someone who knows. Mel Carson, a former advertising evangelist at Microsoft, says  “an evangelist is somebody who has a very inherent understanding of their own company and their own company’s products and services, but also a very inherent understanding about what your potential customers need to know.” Simply put, they are the bridge between the company and community.


In this “from the vault”  episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer catches up with Mel Carson who, in addition to his work with Microsoft, is best known as the owner of an agency called Delightful Communications and author of Pioneers of Digital: Success Stories from Leaders in Advertising, Marketing, Search and Social Media.


Cleary and Buyer discuss a variety of topics relating to social media strategy and growth in the expectations placed on the modern PR industry. Carson stresses the importance of working collaboratively with marketing and sales teams in order to build an overarching strategy that takes into account competitive analysis, as well as developing and maintaining an effective personal brand across platforms.


“Forget the notion that social media is free, ‘cause it ain’t” -Mel Carson


Some topics discussed in this episode include:


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