Mike Toner with a PR Forecast: Web 3.0 is in the Air!

Episode 164 December 22, 2021 00:49:16
Mike Toner with a PR Forecast: Web 3.0 is in the Air!
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Mike Toner with a PR Forecast: Web 3.0 is in the Air!

Show Notes

Sunny with a high chance of Web 3.0 is the forecast for public relations in 2022. 

Today Mike Toner and Lisa Buyer discuss what brands, marketers, PR pros, and entrepreneurs need to brace themselves and future-proof the fashion of community, collaboration, creativity, and merging our digital world with physical worlds.

Mike Toner is the Chief Marketing Officer at Threedium, a 3D/ AR. 

The global platform for the luxury fashion industry, FARFETCH, has released a 3D digital fashion editorial series for Burberry-powered Threedium. The campaign uses Threedium’s 3D & AR engine to deliver an innovative and immersive experience that drives engagement.

“We are bringing a web 2.0 experience to a 3D world; you are able to swirl around, zoom in, and see the fibers on the fabric.  That’s the kind of work that we are doing, bridging the gap between web 2.0 and web 3D.” 

In this episode, Mike Toner talks about

“There’s no faking it in this web 3.0 world; everything is transparent…share your work, and if it’s good, people will see it.” 

As mentioned in this interview

Build the 3D internet now

Burberry x Farfetch x Threedium

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