Stella Bayles: CoverageBook Gives PR Reporting a Meta Makeover

Episode 159 November 16, 2021 00:29:56
Stella Bayles: CoverageBook Gives PR Reporting a Meta Makeover
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Stella Bayles: CoverageBook Gives PR Reporting a Meta Makeover

Show Notes

Breaking news today: Public relations reporting just got a makeover thanks to CoverageBook. Originally launched in 2014, the latest update gives public relations measurement and reporting simple yet supersonic powers and metrics to prove value and ROI. 

PR  reporting like it’s 1999? Proving the public relations ROI has always been a challenge, until now. Say hello to CoverageBook 2 and goodbye to wasting time and energy with boring power points, reporting with manual screenshotting, and creating excel sheets that nobody opens. 

Two SEO-PR geeks talk publicity, search behavior, and media coverage like it’s the beginning of a new era of PR reporting and metrics. Domain authority? Yes, please. Social shares? Hit the like button. Online readership and estimated coverage news? High five. 

CoverageBook Stella Bayles on PR Reporting News

Lisa Buyer met up with Stella Bayles, Director at @coveragebook & @answerthepublic, and Host of the #PRresolutionPodcast to share the breaking news about the latest new and improved CoverageBook 

The PR  past

The unfortunate truth is PR, SEO, and digital marketing teams typically don’t speak the same language and tend to gravitate to silos. This makes reporting on the impact of public relations campaigns a challenge, especially awareness campaigns. It seems everyone gets the attribution except public relations. 

The PR present with CoverageBook

 “What I love about CoverageBook is it's letting us actually use real data to report public relations results, with the drop of a link” said Buyer. 

More time for happy hour!

In this Social PR Secrets podcast episode, you will learn

Sources Discussed in the Episode

The PR future - Stella Bayles Advice to Brands and PR Pros

“I just want more PR people to be confident in measurement. the unknown can be scary and sometimes it puts people off. I was there! But, I put my hand up and asked ppl in the know to simplify -  so I (and probably others in the room) could understand better. Those small movements forward in learning measurement in other areas of marketing really propel your work and offering. If nothing changes, nothing changes. We have to take the leap of faith to take our measurement and business to the next level”

Prediction from Gary Preston CoverageBook Founder 

“In 2023 digital marketing teams will be coming to PR to learn how to showcase and measure their work in a credible way.”

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