Write it Down! PR Planning Secrets

Episode 166 January 06, 2022 00:16:55
Write it Down! PR Planning Secrets
Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer
Write it Down! PR Planning Secrets

Show Notes

Do you want to increase your chances of meeting your goals by 42%? Write it down! 

What does your 2022 plan look like? Do you even have a written plan?

Whether you are a personal or business brand, we all need a plan. 

This ‘plan’ is specifically designed for not just the year -  it is your plan for each month, week, day, and hour.

It needs to be in writing.

A plan is on a real piece of paper, using a pen or pencil, one that you love.

The paper is part of a notebook you open up each day and write in like it’s your job (because it is).

There is an art and science of keeping a notebook, journal, planner. In this episode, I talk about my method to my madness of keeping a daily notebook, my past year in review, and how I am planning for 2022.

What does your planner look like? Is it digital or physical?

Topics in this PR Disruptor episode

PR Disruptor Mantras

Getting it done is always better than getting it perfect 

Invest in good tools that can save your time and money 

What I like about my daily journal 

What I don’t like about it

It’s a mix of personal and business

I have to leaf through pages to find things

Types of PR Disruptors Journals

Styles of PR Disruptor Journals

PR Disruptor Lessons by Ai Addyson

Try to not get overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks, don't force yourself to do it any way but ask yourself what's the root cause so you can address the elephant in the room.

Example Affirmations

Analysis Paralysis to Avoid 

What you can do RIGHT NOW to successfully disrupt 2022?

  1. Go back the last 12 months and for each month write out the top three positive things and top three negative things that sum up each event
  2. Sign up for Elliot Roe’s The 10 Days To A Primed 2022 Challenge 

Hosted by Elliot Roe, the world-renowned performance coach and voice of Primed Mind, 10 Days To A Primed 2022 gives you the tools to take back control of the trajectory of your life. 

It creates massive momentum to start the year and gives you confidence that you'll wake up each morning and make progress on becoming the best version of yourself. 

When you join the challenge, you decide that 2022 is the year you do things differently. You decide to take your success and happiness into your own hands. You decide to live the life and become the person you know you're capable of becoming.

What does your 2022 look like - review your 2021 first.

'Accomplished' and


Those were my 2 words for 2020 - I am working on my 2021 In Review and will share more next week.

Sources - https://thestrive.co/write-down-your-goals/

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