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Social PR Secrets podcast is your trusted source for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media and SEO. The struggle is real for work/life balance in the digital world for public relations and digital marketers. Each week, join Lisa Buyer, entrepreneur and author of Social PR Secrets and Digital Detox Secrets, as she interviews guests who are managing their own entrepreneurial digital detox and how create space for health, happiness and success. If you are an entrepreneur, a struggling parent, intrepreneur, a student, a teacher a marketers or just want to hear some secrets to creating some mindfulness and awareness, this podcast is for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Neal Schaffer: Lessons on Social Media Strategy

    What do you think are the top three social media strategies? According to Neal Schaffer, visuals, ownership, and process are key to being successful.  Lisa sat down with Neal Schaffer to discuss maximizing your social media in this 2015 interview. As a successful author, speaker, and consultant, Neal Schaffer gives valuable ...


  2. Danielle Wiley on Influencer Marketing

    How much do you understand about influencer marketing?  Influencer marketing is all the rave in 2020, even though this interview is a blast from the past, it is still, if not more relevant today. Danielle Wiley is the founder and CEO of Sway Group and has nearly 25 years of ...


  3. Jason Miller on Success with LinkedIn

    Are you putting your best foot forward on your LinkedIn profile? Jason Miller says you should pay attention to seven tricks to optimize your profile. Jason Miller, a former LinkedIn employee, was in charge of content strategy when this interview took place in 2015. He is now in charge of brand ...


  4. Andrea Vahl on Facebook Profiles for Business

    What was one of the top Facebook business trends? Is it still relevant today? According to Andrea Vahl at the time of this interview, an important trend popping up were videos to connect with their Facebook audience. Lisa Buyer sat down with speaker, author, and consultant, Andrea Vahl to learn ...


  5. Peter Shankman’s Tips to Create Zombie Loyalists

    How can you generate customer loyalty? One of Peter Shankman’s hacks for creating your own zombie loyalists is disguising self-promotion as help! In the this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer talks with best-selling author, public relations maverick, and entrepreneurial rockstar Peter Shankman to get his advice for producing ...