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Social PR Secrets podcast is your trusted source for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media and SEO. The struggle is real for work/life balance in the digital world for public relations and digital marketers. Each week, join Lisa Buyer, entrepreneur and author of Social PR Secrets and Digital Detox Secrets, as she interviews guests who are managing their own entrepreneurial digital detox and how create space for health, happiness and success. If you are an entrepreneur, a struggling parent, intrepreneur, a student, a teacher a marketers or just want to hear some secrets to creating some mindfulness and awareness, this podcast is for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Grill Girl, Robyn Lindars, Dominates Digital PR, SEO and Social Listening

    When one hears Grill Girl, their attention is immediately grabbed. That’s the genius of Robyn Lindars. From starting a small blog about grilling to running a successful website and appearing on the Today Show to soon launching her own magazine, Robyn is a PR ...


  2. Modern PR Myths, Musts, and Mantras

    One of the first questions out of clients’ mouths, when they start working with a PR agency, is “when can we expect to see results with digital public relations?” The answer is: longer than with digital advertising. Online ads bring immediate but volatile results. On the other hand, digital PR ...


  3. 21 Things Love It or Leave it

    February is my love it or “leave it” month. I’m feeling the ❤️ for taking ownership of things like email marketing, podcasting for PR, cannabis, and self-care. What can I do without ⚠️? Facebook ad drama, bad headlines, and LinkedIn lies. 21 things I'm doing for February that you can too. 1. Get ...


  4. Top Tips to Promote Your Brand on Facebook, with Bob Regnerus

    We all know about the traditional marketing funnel. But how can you adapt it to social media ads? When using Facebook, too many people dive directly into the bottom of funnel advertising, says Facebook coach and video marketing expert Bob Regnerus. In this episode, ...


  5. How Local Public Relations Makes SMB Famous - The Pubcon Edition

    If you are a local business and public relations is not part of your digital marketing strategy, think again. In this episode, Lisa Buyer walks you through her recent presentation when she spoke at the Pubcon 2021 local search marketing conference.  ...