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Social PR Secrets podcast is your trusted source for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media and SEO. The struggle is real for work/life balance in the digital world for public relations and digital marketers. Each week, join Lisa Buyer, entrepreneur and author of Social PR Secrets and Digital Detox Secrets, as she interviews guests who are managing their own entrepreneurial digital detox and how create space for health, happiness and success. If you are an entrepreneur, a struggling parent, intrepreneur, a student, a teacher a marketers or just want to hear some secrets to creating some mindfulness and awareness, this podcast is for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Nicole Balistreri: All You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing for Public Relations

    What exactly is influencer marketing? How have influencers evolved over the past ten years? As an agency owner, how can you start working with influencers? In this episode, Nicole Balistreri, Social Media Manager at USCCA, shares her experience ...


  2. Christina Crook: The Joy of Missing Out

    What is the Joy of Missing Out? Christina Crook states JOMO is the joy of missing out on the right things. Things like toxic hustle, comparison, and digital drain. She is known as a pioneer in the field of digital well-being. Writer, speaker, and podcast host Christina has ...


  3. Deep Dive With Rand Fishkin on All Things Digital Marketing

    Can your business survive without Google? Does Facebook still work for marketing or is it just a jungle of politics and sensationalism? Is influencer marketing the new PR? Listen to this episode to hear Rand Fishkin’s hot and not takes on the digital marketing domain, start-up world, agency ...


  4. Pubcon Speaker Tony Wright: Reputation Management During Covid-19 and More

    Since his days on the frontlines of crisis management on 9/11 for American Airlines to navigate the digital communications during Covid-19, Tony Wright has expertly positioned himself to be one of the most respected experts in reputation management in this digital era.  ...


  5. to Get Chased by the Press with Adrian Salamunovic 

    How can you quickly get press coverage? What should PR agencies do to get PR for their own firm? Should you launch your own podcast? In this episode, Free PR author Adrian Salamunovic shares his tips and insights on how to get big press by spending little money.  ...