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February 09, 2021 00:33:10
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Top Tips to Promote Your Brand on Facebook, with Bob Regnerus

We all know about the traditional marketing funnel. But how can you adapt it to social media ads? When using Facebook, too many people dive directly into the bottom of funnel advertising, says Facebook coach and video marketing expert Bob Regnerus. In this episode, the author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising shares his best advice for small business, increase engagement, and more. In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer talked to Bob Regnerus and did a deep dive into the world of Facebook advertising. Bob is the Co-Founder of FeedStories, a Facebook and video advertising agency. A Facebook expert, he has worked in the digital world since 1998. He is also the other of the Facebook advertising bible, the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising that was just released in its fourth edition. Focus on Top of Funnel Advertising You should always keep in mind that most people have never heard of your brand or haven’t heard of you in a long time. On Facebook, one of your main jobs is getting their attention. Unfortunately, too many people dive in and focus on the bottom of the funnel only, says Bob. In turn, they’re showing the wrong ads to people who have no clue what the brand does. When advertising to an audience that doesn’t know you, Bob advises you to highlight a problem your product can solve for them. Indeed, in this situation, selling is not the end ...



February 02, 2021 00:47:12
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How Local Public Relations Makes SMB Famous - The Pubcon Edition

If you are a local business and public relations is not part of your digital marketing strategy, think again. In this episode, Lisa Buyer walks you through her recent presentation when she spoke at the Pubcon 2021 local search marketing conference.  Whether you are a hair salon, lawyer, plumber, restaurant, or any other local service that live-n-thrives on the map, this multi-day conference was a virtual hot for local brands looking for the latest secrets to digital marketing success. Pubcon’s conference covered topics ranging from Google My Business to local link building, content marketing, local search advertising, and local public relation.  Lisa Buyer walks you through highlights of her session including  Local Press/Publicity by definition and point of view Earned media More credibility than advertising  3rd party endorsement Social proof Brand awareness Editorial coverage Steps to DIY Public Relations Identify your audience List 3-5 media outlets they read Brainstorm angles Find the right editor/producer Follow them on social Create a short + personalized pitch Offer your expertise/POV Rinse and Repeat 2x a month The Anatomy of a PR Media Kit Bios Headshots Fact Sheet Video Topics of ...



January 26, 2021 00:19:47
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21 Things for 2021 in a Digital World

Do you feel like certain people in 2020 rinsed right through and took a piece of you? Same. Let them have it. They needed it more than you did. Now you have a new space for new opportunities.   Here are 21 things for 2021 I am doing, that you can too.1. Mindset is a 2021 secret weapon. Join me for this challenge - the deadline to join is Jan 6.2. Snapchat advertising - Ask me about it, experts on board.3. Exploring Clubhouse - drop in audio app, feel better, not worse, and have meaningful conversations. Check it out Clubhouse — Check 1, 2, 3... Is this thing on? What I learned today: HOPE; Help One Person Each day - Chris Whinfield 4. Go beyond New Year’s resolutions, look at Sankalpa - a  practice that starts from the radical premise that you already are who you need to be to fulfill your life’s dharma (purpose) Read about it here.5. Cathy Hackl’s Forbes Best Marketing Stories. Is Direct-To-Avatar The Next Direct-To-Consumer?6. Profit First - Business changing book for Entrepreneurs to transform your business. I started during the pandemic.7. Crystal Knows - Like a mindreader and personality test for business connections. The perfect way to research before a prospect meeting or podcast interview.8. Rate My Skype Room - Zoom and Skype backgrounds are now a public relations strategy. If you get reviewed - make sure it is a good one. 9. PR myths you can’t deny and I need you to know. My rants of the year. 10. Female Disruptors to follow in 2021 and some alarming ...



January 20, 2021 00:45:20
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The Clubhouse Playbook for Success by Dennis Yu

You should have heard of Clubhouse by now. While the brand new social media platform is still in beta testing, it’s already being talked about by all. However, you might not be on Clubhouse yet. Why? It’s invite-only. So what exactly is this audio-only platform all about? And how can you use it to build your brand and following? Tune into this episode to learn all there is to know about the app that’s taking 2021 by storm, from the one and only Dennis Yu. In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sat down with Dennis Yu, a digital marketer, speaker, and agency builder who is the Chief Technical Officer of ChiroRevenue, a digital marketing company that helps chiropractors with their online marketing efforts. Dennis started 2021 on clubhouse. At first, he thought he didn’t need yet another social media platform. But like many others, he found himself fascinated by the content and addicted to his follower increase. Listen to this episode to find out how you can grow your following on clubhouse (if you’re lucky enough to be invited!) Why Is Clubhouse So Successful? Clubhouse is only in beta testing, yet it’s already talked about by everyone who matters in the field. According to Dennis, Clubhouse is a place for people to be public speakers. Because of COVID-19, public speaking engagements have been canceled and people are isolated. Instead, they’re turning to Clubhouse to fill that need and share their knowledge or build their brand. In beta testing, Clubhouse only allows a million people, via invite-only. That exclusivity is part of the appeal. ...



January 12, 2021 00:26:28
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Using Pop Culture to Create Superfans: Brianne Fleming

What do marketing and pop culture have in common? That’s what Brianne Fleming is trying to show the world! Being a fan herself, she realized that boy bands and other artists were able to build a following of superfans who were dedicated to their brand. And that’s when it clicked: marketers should take inspiration from pop culture. Since then, Brianne has been coaching brands to use the power of content to turn ordinary customers into passionate superfans. And in this episode, she tells us how! In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer had an insightful conversation with Brianne Fleming, marketing consultant, blogger, course creator, and podcast host of Making the Brand where she discusses marketing lessons inspired by pop culture. She is also an instructor of branding and social media at the University of Florida, teaching students how to build strong online communities. Brianne is all about incorporating pop culture into her marketing classes and her social media presence. She even hosts a Twitter chat called PopChat every Friday! Social Media Trends for 2021 When asked what she believed 2021 would bring in terms of social media trends, Brianne immediately answered “nostalgia.” She says a lot of industries, like sports, have very little to promote because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they’re turning to nostalgia to recycle old content that has proven to work. With everyone turning to the “before times,” this is a winning strategy! Brianne also expects to see more brand collaborations, especially ...



January 05, 2021 00:39:52
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Megan Foster: How to Pitch E-Commerce Editors

Affiliate promotion is everywhere. From talk shows to influencers and big-name publications, PR agencies cannot escape the phenomenon any longer. But how exactly should you pitch a product to an e-commerce editor? What’s the best affiliate strategy? In this episode, Megan Foster tells it all, from the editors’ side In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer delved into the basics and specifics of e-commerce content with Megan Foster. Megan served as a commerce editor for well-known media like The Today Show and Business Insider. She understands the e-commerce world from all perspectives: PR agencies, editors, and shopping content writers. Make sure to listen to set up your own e-commerce affiliation strategy in 2021! E-commerce Media 101 When thinking about getting your product featured through an affiliate program, Megan says you have to first and foremost look at who your audience is. We all know that’s central to any content creation but it’s especially important when it comes to commerce. Not only should you take your audience’s age, gender, interests into account, you also need to focus on their socio-economic status, their buying habits, and what their budget is.  From a PR perspective, you need to do your research and pitch things you are used to seeing on that publisher’s website. Make sure your product is in their usual price range and fits their habits. Indeed, publications don’t want to lose the audience they already have because they’re focusing too much on the sales.  But What Are Affiliates Exactly?  Affiliates are the middlemen between the brand and the publisher. They ...

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